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Kylliki Talp’s paintings explore the arcane connection between our inner selves and the outside world.  In her work the female body is seen as a vessel that at once reflects and informs it’s surroundings.  And nondescript houses signify this coupling while imbuing a comforting sense of familiarity. 

Talp’s paintings themselves are the physical embodiment of the process of exploring these connections.  Utilizing hundreds - sometimes thousands – of tiny strips of acrylic paint, Talp engages in a masterful display of deconstruction and ultimately rebuilding, as the individual pieces are used to recompose a final image.  The result is a visual tapestry that is sublime and engaging. 

Kylliki Talp (b. 1967, Estonia) was awarded the Cambridge Art Association’s ‘Painter of the Year’ in 2006 and ‘Best Young Painter’ Rotermanni Saltstorage, Estonia in 1997.  She currently lives and works in Cambridge, MA.