The Boston Globe

installation shots


Gary Stubelick uses time as a metaphor in his imagery.   It is also a key element to his process.  Utilizing three primary sources of lighting - sparklers, incandescent tungsten and highway flares - he sets up a striking array of 'light sculptures' and controls the progression over time on film, essentially painting with light as the medium and resulting in a refreshingly original image.  Stubelick uses these varying sources of light to create different amounts of volume and texture, just as a painter uses different paint brushes.  To create in the physical world what he sees in his head, Stubelick often finds himself experimenting with prototype engineering and custom mechanics just to build the assemblages necessary for his images to come to life.

Gary Stubelick was among the original artists invited to participate as an artist in residence at the Polaroid 20x24 Studio in the seventies.  Stubelick has worked with time-lapse photography since 1973 and owns the registered trademark for his NEONIZE style of "painting with light".