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In his paintings, Listfield explores everyday influences pop culture, mass commercialism, politics, fiction icons  and what it means to experience life in our present day.  In particular, he is interested in what our present expectations for the future say about us as a society;  and how our present day reality compares with our past expectations and what that says about us as individuals.  While some of our expectations for the future have become reality, many of our more imaginative ones (such as flying cars, robots and the like) have not but are still absorbed through sources such as the media, literature and advertising and are internalized nonetheless.  By seeing our world through the fresh eyes of an explorer, an astronaut, Listfield invites viewers to take a step back and re-examine their own experiences.

Scott Listfield (b. 1976) lives and works in Somerville, MA.  His work has been exhibited in Boston, New York, Los Angeles and Maryland and is included in private collections in the United States and abroad.