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Mario Kon’s work, both additive and subtractive, combines the elements of painting, sculpture and drawing.  Kon creates by removing bits of wood and sometimes reattaching them.  His original piece of plywood, carved, cut, assembled, burned, painted, or stained, becomes the physical record of his creative process.

“My work is about process and energy.  I approach it with a sense of mystery.  The imperfections on the surface and within the wood begin my creative process.  I identify with the natural essence of the material.  I am fascinated between the relationship of weight, positive and negative space.” 

Kon was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  He received a diploma and fifth year graduate certificate and award from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.   His recent solo exhibitions have included:  Nielsen Gallery, Boston; Cayman Gallery, New York; and Biogen, Hamilton, MA.  Kon has also participated in group shows at DeCordova Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, Fitchburg Art Museum, Flag Gallery, all in MA; and Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY.