Philosopher, provocateur and visual artist William Alexander Kerr has exhibited his paintings in solo and group shows in the United States, Switzerland and Portugal.  His work is part of private and corporate collections in Europe and North America.  Kerr received a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Washington University in St. Louis, focusing on German Idealism and conceptual frameworks of truth.

Kerr’s philosophical work evolved when the limits of written language compelled him to explore visual forms of communication.  He first created art books that combined illustrative and lingual modes of representation, inventing pieces that fused language and image, blurring their distinction and creating an experiential dialogue between page, image and word.

Kerr’s creations are grounded in his studies of Western Philosophy, and they present complex systems through his invented iconography and unique cryptography.  Mr. Kerr currently resides in the Boston area where he is co-creator of the Paul Alexander Gallery of Antiques and Contemporary Art.