Eduardo Anievas Cortines paintings display mastery of lines and strokes, showing the duel with light and color.  At the end, it all materializes into stains that capture the elusive nature of things and their geometric undertones.  The exhibition is focused on two subjects:  the urban and nature in the shape of a landscape.  His urban subjects are traveling beings caught among the splendor of the buildings of the great city, faces without features and shadows of themselves.  To the artist, the city is a gigantic living being that creates us and is shaped to our image.  In his nature as landscape subject, he displays his extraordinary brush-stroke, mostly in blue, to de-naturalize nature and to generate the visual effects through the metamorphosis of color stain into a higher unity.

Cortines was born in Santander, Spain and has a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca.  He has exhibited throughout the U.S. and Europe and has been awarded the “Grant for the Spanish Art Promotion” from 2000-2004.  He was also commissioned to paint the mural “NY” in Passau, Germany in 2001.  He now resides in New York.