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        Jason Chase came from a living room, raised by a television in the suburbs of middle America. Constant exposure to advertising slogans and Saturday morning cartoons not only sold him products, it sold him the power of the visual.  It started as an appetite that he still has for bright, flashy, bold images that are familiar to anyone in reach of American consumerism.  He uses recognizable images in his paintings to shake people out of their complacency toward them.  By making everything bigger and bolder, he forces people to consider their surroundings.

"We are marketed to everywhere, every second of the day.  Because the images I use have so completely saturated our lives, I want everyone who sees my paintings to relate to them, to be engaged by art and to contemplate the world they live in."

Jason received his MFA from Boston University in 2003.  His work has been exhibited in galleries in Massachusetts, New York, Colorado and California.