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installation shots


Laurie Carman’s hanging sculptures explore the interconnectedness of all things.  In chaos theory, nonlinear dynamic systems appear to be random but are in effect deterministic.  Carman’s work displays this type of relationship, incorporating repetition while exploring an element of unpredictability.  Daily routines, interrupted by the occasional unanticipated event, can also be seen as components to a larger, more ordered sequence of events.  The result is pieces of work that are deftly executed and convey a remarkably serene presence – like precious abstract drawings whose form and line exist in three dimensional space instead of flat on paper.

Laurie Carman is a graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art.  In 2005 she helped to assemble Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s Gates Project in Central Park, NYC. She currently works out of her studio in South Boston, MA.